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Being the premier fence builders in Bakersfield CA means that Bakersfield Fence builders is the go-to fence installation and repair company for commercial and residential fence installations and repairs. We have been in the area for years and have been serving business’ and homeowners alike and will continue to do so for years to come.


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Commercial and Residential Fence Installation

One of our top-rated services is our residential and commercial fence installations. We know the greater Bakersfield are well and have served the community as the top fence installation company by providing superior products and services time after time. We have an experienced team of fence installation contractors who have been installing all types of fences for years from chain link fences, aluminum fences, wrought iron fences, wood fences and PC fences.

We also have skilled Fence installers who are some of the best custom fence installers. They accept every fence installation project and look forward to the challenging custom fence installations where they can truly display their skills and expertise. However, they also enjoy and throw themselves into the standard white picket fence or small garden fence or dog run. Every fence installation job is an opportunity to show another client our top-notch service skills and our superior fence installation skills. We always put our stamp of perfection on every job.

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Bakersfield Safe Pool Fencing

Having safe pool fencing is not optional especially if you have children. The statistics are scary, but the reality is worse. Self-latching and self-closing pool gates and beautiful and safe pool fence installations is one of our specialties at Bakersfield Fence Builders. We know that keeping your family safe is your main priority and so we have made it our priority when it comes to Bakersfield fence installations. Being the best fence installation company in Bakersfield is awesome but knowing that we have played a role in keeping your little ones safe from the potential danger of a malfunctioning or poorly installed gate feels even better, to us at Bakersfield Fence Builders.

Bakersfield Fence Repair and Gate Repair

At Bakersfield Fence Builders, we know that when you spend your hard-earned money to have a wonderful home, you don’t want to give the impression that you don’t care about your investment. Your gate and fence are usually the first things anyone sees before they enter your property, and it sends them a message. What is the message your fence and gate are sending? Is it what you really want to say to your neighbors about how much you care about your home and the neighborhood? Call the best fence installation and repair company to help you get your fence and gate back in shape.

When you own a luxury hotel, resort or residential property and you want to charge a premium for a brief or extended stay at your establishment, the justification of that price starts at the gate. You may have a tall and ornate custom wrought iron fence that says luxury and security all at once. Your gate may also be a tall smooth sweeping structure with custom monograms to show your brand. All the effort you have put into creating a luxurious property would be lost if the gate had a loud squeak as it labored open and closed and if parts of your fence were missing or badly broken.

Bakersfield Fence Builders has the skilled artisans and fence installation experts to help you recreate that beautiful first impression again. Having the top-rated fence and gate repair company in Bakersfield servicing your fence and gate installations will put your mind at ease. You will be confident in the fact that your property will stand out whether it is your private home or a luxury resort. Bakersfield Fence Builders are the best fence repair company in Kern County, and you and your property deserve the best.

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